Sunday, 10 November 2013

Management Information System Reflective Journal

             Management Information System (MIS) is a compulsory subject that I have to study during semester 2 for my course : Accounting & Finance. Both my lecturer and tutor, Mr. Choo Wou Onn and Dr. Ho Ree Chan have taught me a lot of knowledge regarding to the subject and has made the dull subjects more interesting to be learning during lecture and tutorial classes.

            After 11 weeks of learning the subject, I have understood that what is actually an information system and how does it helps enterprise in growing their business in the competitive world. As we are slowly moving into an electronic world, businessmen are trying to imply information system to replace all the traditional methods as it effectively cut down the cost and the time consumed so that they are able to compete with their rivals. We cannot deny the facts that information systems actually contribute to prosperity of business, provided it is being used wisely and safely. Otherwise, it may lead to turnover of a company eventually.

            We were split into groups and were assigned to complete a video assignment which contributed 25% to our assessment. The aim of this task is to encourage us to explore and understand the role, importance and issues of information system today. After a series of discussions with my group members, we have decided to come up with the payroll system, which belongs to the transaction processing system (TPS). TPS is a computerized system that performs and records the routine transaction necessary to conduct business.

            While doing the assignment, I have gained a lot of knowledge of the payroll system. Payroll system is a system which keeps track of money paid to employees. The employees’ timesheet, name, identity number, and number of hours work per week represent a single transaction for the system. All the data are combined in various ways to create reports that are essential for specific departments. Payroll systems reduce management costs, liability and burden of administrative departments so that works can be carried out more effectively and efficiently. This increases the performance and profit of a company as well.

            Furthermore, it can also be used to take care of taxes on time. It will automatically and accurately remind employers to pay those taxes punctually so that no deadline is missed to avoid fine. It also helps to keep track of employees’ information so an employer can easily access to all the payment histories of that particular employees.

           Lastly, we actually do not face huge problem while dealing with the video as we have assigned our task earlier. I have learnt that responsibility and full cooperation are really important while doing work especially when it comes to group work. A good piece of work cannot be produced if one of the members does not cooperate well with other members. So we always discuss our problem patiently and solve it by picking the best suggestion. I am sure that I will have an edge over others by learning this subject when I am to work in the very near future.

Business Communication Reflective Journal

Before embarking on the assignment, we have come up with few discussion sessions in order to decide which shop to pick as our target for investigation. In the end, we have chosen Uncle Seng's Noodles House, a homemade noodle shop which is located at SS15. I was interested in how the owner manages the shop as efficiently as it has been ranked highly by customers. The business is very good because of the strategic location and also the quality of the food.

We have visited the shop and did a face to face interview with the owner, Uncle Seng. After the interview, I have fulfilled my expectation as I have a better understanding towards the operation and communication methods which the owner is implying. Furthermore, I also get some tips on how they make their noodles so that it distinct from the normal noodles. Unfortunately, I did not have a chance to observe the process of making the noodles as it was done early in the morning. They have to prepare the noodles every day using fresh ingredients in order to ensure the tastiness and freshness of the noodles. Furthermore, another secret weapon of the shop would be the special sauce that is made by Uncle Seng himself.

Besides, we have faced some problems while deciding the interview time and thus procrastinated the interview for 2 weeks as Uncle Seng is extremely busy with his customers. For our group, we have difficulty in choosing a common free time too. Lastly, I have decided to make it on a Thursday afternoon where we were free and Uncle Seng was going to close down his shop. However, one of our members was absent due to emergencies. But we still manage to conduct the interview smoothly as I have done the preparation much earlier and the duration of interview was around an hour.

After the interview, we stayed at there for lunch. I have observed how he communicated with his workers and also entertaining his customers. He fixed them into specific job like so that the customers can enjoy their meal within shorter time. Upon completed the assignments, I have come across to bundles of new knowledge. I have realised that responsibility and cooperate are extremely important to especially when it comes to group work. A task cannot be achieved if one of the members does not cooperate with the other members. Besides, it is definitely not an easy task to start up a business and it is even harder to maintain the prosperity of the business as there are so many competitors out there. I have picked up some skills of managing and communicating with people that are really essential for me when I am to work in the future.