Monday, 17 June 2013

Management Reflective Journal

             I believe that the word ‘manager’ is not strange among us. But I often wonder that is manager someone who only manages employees to maximize productivity of work? As a student in Accounting and Finance course in Taylor’s University, I am required to learn Introduction to Management in my first year degree. Through this subject, I hope that I will be able to learn more on about what a manager does, how to become a manager, how to overcome harsh conditions, what circumstances will they meet and how do they deal with it as they are the one who needs to make substantial decisions in an organization, and many more. I am quite interested in learning things that I have never came across with.

            Before getting to know the subject, I have been always wondering that what is it like the routine work of a manager, how they make decisions based on different situational problems and more. I hope that I am able to gain great managerial skills, to communicate well with people surrounding me after learning the subject as I am going to work in the future because the good relationship between people is very important.
           At the very first day of lecture, Miss Natasya, which is my management lecturer and my tutor as well, has introduced the first chapter of the subject which is ‘Foundations of Management and Organizations’. It reveals about the basic theory of management that who is managers and what they do in order to manage their subordinates well to accomplish organizational goals. . Basically, management is all about memorizing and application of theories in certain circumstances. I personally find that the subject is quite heavy because it consists of lots of theories, names and contributions of those well-known management researchers.

           As the studies goes on, I realized that the subject is not only about how to manage people or putting people in the work but as well as to plan what to do, organize the workers and tasks, to lead them in a correct way and to ensure that they have achieved their goals. Besides, managers have to also be able to make on the spot decisions regarding to different types of situations and many more. Decision-making is very crucial to every organization regardless of its size, types, areas and levels because the manager is the one who all the employees depending on. A manager has to really think twice before commit any action because it will cause huge impact on the organization.

         After 12 weeks of studying, for me myself, I absolutely feel that this subject is fairly momentous for working life. This is because managers have direct influence to his/her employees. The way of how a manager is going to manage his/her employees will definitely affect a company’s performance. If a manager has effective managerial skills, the organization members can work to the best of their ability and therefore uphold the reputation of their company.  

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